10 Moms On Getting Out The Door In The Morning

Mother and Daughter

The kiddo is melting down, your hair’s a mess, and you just spilled coffee down the front of your white blouse. Oh and you’re late, late, late. Nothing left to do but hurl obscenities. Or is there?

We polled our inner circle for their tactics, tips, and tales from the front lines on how they get themselves, their humans, and all of their bags out the door – and they’re good.

We move one direction through the house. There’s no going back! From bedroom to bathroom to kitchen to the door. Plan what you need at each point of the journey the night before, and then close down rooms as you’re done with them.

– Jen

On laundry day (Sunday), I look at the weather forecast and pull the kids outfits for the week. They are folded in piles for each day, so they get to pick what they wear on what day (giving them choices), while still always being school and weather-appropriate. Plus, we never argue about what they wear!

– Camille

I have an alarm set for 10 minutes before we must be out the door – it’s like a final reminder to get. it. all. done.

– Leigh

The less decisions you have to make in the morning, the better. Shower, dry your hair (it looks better after sleeping on it anyway), pick your outfit, and decide on breakfast the night before. And always have on-the-go kid breakfast options (gogurts, cereal bars) on hand for those mornings where it all goes bust.

– Mamie

I Post-It note everything I need to do before I leave. I usually put them on a backpack, diaper bag, my purse – something I know I’ll be taking with me that day so I won’t forget.

– Pam

I wake up at 5:30am. That way I have time to snooze, meditate, drink coffee, and check email before anyone is awake. It took 5 years of scrambling and swearing like a sailor to figure it out, but now it’s smooth sailing.

– Adelaide

I have a standing Sunday night date with GlamSquad for a blowout after the kids are in bed. Thanks to dry shampoo, I don’t think about it again until Saturday (Fridays are bun days). It makes me feel polished and in control, and that is worth every penny.

– Kate

I use a jar of marbles. If a kid gets ready by him/herself without being told more than once to get dressed, brush teeth, etc, they get a marble in their jar. 50 marbles equals a prize, 100 marbles means an even bigger prize! They are now in a competition to see who has more marbles.

– Bonnie

Laser your leg hair – it’s an amazing investment that permanently saves you shower time. (Add your bikini line and armpits while you’re at it!) I think of it as a working mom’s gift to herself.

– Janey

Planning is key. Lunch made the night before. Bags packed night before. Oh and have a drink while you’re prepping!

– Eve