4 Fun Ways To Ring In The New Year At Home

Skip the NYE Sitter!

Like Uber during a monsoon or when a music festival wraps, babysitter rates skyrocket on New Year’s Eve. If you’re not up for shelling out $300 before you walk out the door ? , opt for one of these fun, festive ways to celebrate at home.

Family Sleepover

WHAT: Invite another family with kids similar in age to yours for a sleepover.

EAT: Build your own pizzas (with pre-made crusts obvi) makes feeding everyone easy-peasy. FUN: The kids ring in their own “midnight” thanks to Netflix’s on-demand countdowns (typically announced between Christmas & NYE). Don’t forget the sparkling apple cider and party supplies. Take it to the next level with a pinata.

FUN: Once the kids are down, break out KinderPerfect—think Cards Against Humanity for parents (it’s only fitting) and all the drinks.

Fancy Dinner At Home

WHAT: Splurge on something decadent and enjoy a quiet, memorable night at home.

EAT: Order Hog Island Oysters, The Lobster Guy’s live ones, a killer Murray’s Cheese spread, or Roe Caviar.

FUN: Set the table, break out the “nice” plates, and cheers to another year in the books over a nice bottle of wine. Feel free to do it all in your best jammies.

A New Year’s Day Brunch Party

WHAT: Invite your nearest and dearest over for a New Year’s Day brunch.

EAT: Your hungover pals will appreciate mimosas, bloody marys, bagels, and a cheesy frittata.

FUN: Keep it casual with football bowl games on the TV and no formal seating. Keep the drinks flowing—you want to hear all the good stories from the night before.

Karaoke Party

WHAT: Invite another family or some friends over for a night of karaoke.

EAT: The focus is on the singing. Pick up a bunch of Trader Joe’s frozen apps, and call it a day.

FUN: This inexpensive karaoke machine works on bluetooth or can be plugged into, and it comes with disco light effects.