Affiliate Program

We want to work with you! Join our affiliate program and earn $2 for every new customer registration (requires unique credit card) and 10% of a customer’s purchases in the first 120 days.

Become an Affiliate

How it Works:

  1. A customer registers for their account telling us about their little one(s) and provides their credit card number.
  2. Our Stylist packs a box of 6-8 unique items and ships it to the customer. We provide free shipping both ways and the customer pays a $20 styling fee.
  3. The customer chooses any or all items to purchase, with the option to return anything they don’t love. If they purchase more than two items, we waive the $20 styling fee and they also receive a 15% discount if they keep the entire box.

How to Join:

Click here to join our program and let us know how we can help you get started. We are always available at so drop a line with any questions.