Mac & Mia Affiliate Program

We want to work with you! Join our affiliate program and earn $2 for every new customer who you refer (requires a unique credit card) and 10% of that customer’s purchases in the first 120 days.

How Our Affiliate Program Works


Style Quiz & Registration

A new customer takes our style quiz to tell us about their little one’s fashion style, registers for a new account, and provides their credit card number. We receive their style quiz info and box request, and assign them a personal stylist. You earn $2 for every new customer you refer (each registration requires a unique credit card).


Styled Box Ships

Our stylist connects with the customer via email or text, and selects 8-12 unique items based on their preferences. We ship a beautifully packed box of clothing and accessories to the customer. The customer pays a $20 styling fee, and shipping is FREE both ways.

Love It or Return It

The customer has five days to choose which items they’d like to purchase or return anything they don’t love. If they purchase more than two items, we apply the $20 styling fee to their total purchase. If they keep the entire box, they also receive a 15% discount on their order. You earn 10% of a customer’s purchases in the first 120 days.

Get Started

Join our program and let us know how we can help you get started. We are available at to help you with any questions.


want to be featured? use #macmiastyle