Customer / Stylist Story: Clair and Katie

Customer Story Clair Daugthers in matching dresses.

It’s always interesting to us to find out how our customers find out about Mac & Mia and why they like our service and keep coming back. More times than not, it’s the unique clothing and the relationship with their personal stylist that our customers constantly rave about.

Clair Rodriguez is one of those customers. Clair lives in Upland, California and has two children, Troian (19 months) and Madeline (4 years) and works with Katie Haas, a stylist in our Chicago office.

Clair started using Mac & Mia when she continued to find clothing styles she didn’t like for her daughter. “It’s rather difficult to find ‘normal’ clothing in children stores—simple regular skinny jeans that have no designs on them, plain shirts, no characters or weird graphics. Most children’s clothes 
are overly colorful and full of character after character,” she said.

We asked Clair to tell us more about her Mac & Mia experience, working with Katie and what she likes most about the service.

I ordered our first box and when it arrived I was not disappointed. I cried happy tears! I bought everything in that first box. —Clair R.

Mac & Mia Clair | Daughter MadelineWhat did you think about your first box experience?

When I first decided to check out the service, I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical. I’m very particular about my kids’ clothes. Working in the retail world for so long and being a part of the music/art scene I’ve developed a specific taste in fashion. When I found out I was pregnant, I dreamed of having a little mini version of me and that’s so hard to come by without pieces being crazy expensive for just one item.

Katie listened to me explain what I was looking for and completely made me feel comfortable and really made me feel like she understood me. I ordered our first box and when it arrived I was not disappointed. I cried happy tears! I bought everything in that first box.

Customer Story Clair's daughter in cute outfit. | Mac & Mia blog post

What do you like most about the service?

I love the convenience of being able to text Katie when I’m looking for a particular item and I love the wide range of brands I otherwise would have never discovered. 
The clothes are just too cute! And right up my alley.

How often do you request boxes? Are your requests for everyday clothing or just for special events?

We try to request one for Troian and one for Madeline each month. If we are looking for something in particular, I’ll text Katie about it first before I shop anywhere else.

“I love that Clarissa texts me at least once a week and also dresses her little girls super edgy which makes it so fun!” — Katie Haas, Stylist

Mac & Mia Customer Story: Clair daugthers in Mac & Mia clothesWhat do you like most about working with your stylist, Katie?

I ABSOLUTELY adore Katie, she’s like my soul sister. She has been amazing from day one and I feel we instantly connected on a friendship level.

She totally gets my sense of fashion and understands how particular I am when it comes to clothing for my kids.

I love that we communicate outside of just requesting a box. I send her random updates and pics of how cute my kids look in their new clothes all the time.

I like that Katie is always readily available even if she’s out of the office and that communicating with her never feels dry or like a barrier is between us. She’s super fun and easy to talk to.

Mac & Mia is an online shopping service for children’s clothing. By pairing each of our customers with a personal stylist, we help parents and families find fashionable, well-priced children’s clothing for girls and boys from newborn to 10Y.

If you’re a Mac & Mia customer who wants to share your experience and story—contact your stylist and let us know—we’d love to share it!