Working Mom: Iddy Biddy’s Sharon Koh

Iddy Biddy Sharon Koh. Cofounder and working mom. | Mac & Mia Blog
Photo courtesy of Iddy Biddy

Sharon Koh is the co-founder and creative director of Iddy Biddy. She’s also mom to two—son Tanner (age 4) and daughter Erin (age 2).

When Tanner was born, she was struggling to find clothes for him. “I wanted him to be in clothes that were comfortable and he could move in but to look put together. Everything that fit the comfort bill looked like sweats, and the polished options were either restrictive or ill-fitting,” she said.

So, the motivated mom (whose was a merchandise executive with Old Navy at the time) decided to create her own collection, Iddy Biddy. The resulting modern essentials are made of stretchy knit jersey in neutral hues – cuts are subtly fashion forward and make kids look effortlessly cool in a please make that in adult size way.

We recently chatted Sharon about being a working mom, the latest Iddy Biddy collection and her hilarious and oh-so-relatable #Momfail. 

On The Up & Up

“We’ve been fortunate to see continued growth in our business in the two years we’ve been doing this. Building relationships with customers and wholesale buyers has been one of the best parts – there is so much support and energy around what we are doing and it feels amazing!”


“We are FAR from having it all figured out, and we face challenges everyday: We send emails to people who don’t respond, things cost a lot because we are still small, and we’ve made a lot of mistakes. But it’s all a part of the process, and we feel smarter and more confident today than we did two years ago when we first started.”

Little boy in Iddy Biddy Fall Winter 2017 Super hoodie and denim.

Her Vibe

“My personal style is a mix between classic and modern. When I think about what I wear, have in my house and what I’m inspired by, I’m all about putting a modern spin on classics. I like making essentials feel un-basic by playing around with shapes and textures to make it a little bit more fun and different.”

Life Hacks

“I have stopped going to the supermarket. I use Good Eggs to buy all my groceries while I lay in bed before I go to sleep – it’s all organic and the quality is GREAT.  This definitely saves a few hours a week for me that I can dedicate to something more fun! I make smoothies in the mornings packed with veggies, fruits, and super seeds.  It makes me feel better knowing Tanner and Erin are getting good nutrition when I can’t always guarantee their meals are going to be chock full.”

Fashion Pet Peeve

“When my husband dresses our kids! Like, for real.” 

Good Advice

“Being present and in tune with your kids is so important.  As moms, we are always thinking about a million things, trying to prioritize, plan and multi-task. I try to remind myself to pay close attention to what my kids are doing and saying, so they feel important and valued.”

A Little Goes A Long Way 

“It’s hard to make one-on-one time with my husband, but I go out of my way to do simple things I know he will appreciate. This week it was cooking some of his favorite meals for dinner. Little things like that let him know how grateful and appreciative I am for all he does. Ahhhhhhhhhh Bravo TV is my guilty pleasure after the kids go down for the night! That, running outside and yoga help me stay sane.”


“Let me preface this with the following disclaimer: I was exhausted because neither kid slept the night before. After dropping off my son at school, I put my daughter in the stroller and headed to the playground there. Afterwards I walked back to the car, put her in the car seat, hit reverse, and totally crushed my favorite stroller of all time, the Bugaboo Bee. The teachers saw it all happen, and I got out of the car and reluctantly yelped, ‘At least no one was in it!’ I still miss that stroller so much!”

Looking Ahead

“Our Fall 2017 collection is called School – inspired by varsity nostalgia and grounded in rich colors burgundy, camel and navy with unexpected pops of cobalt blue. We’re so excited about it!”

Iddy Biddy Fall Winter 2017 Collection Yellow and White Stripes
Iddy Biddy Fall Winter 2017 Collection Maroon and White Stripes