Meet Our Stylists

We offer parents a remarkably easy way to build their child’s wardrobe with curated, stylish items of excellent quality. Each item is hand-selected by a stylist to meet a family’s unique preferences. We weave a tale of love, care, and individuality into every box we ship.

Meet just a few of our talented stylists

With over 100 stylists located across the country, we’ll find the perfect fit for your child!

Working with Your Stylist

How does my stylist get assigned?

Once you create an account, one of Mac & Mia’s stylists will be assigned to you and will be your point person throughout the entire process. She will get you started, pack your box, and stay in touch.

How will my stylist contact me?

One-on-one communication and getting to know our customers is really important to us. You can expect to be contacted by your stylist through email and text messages. We know how busy you are so if there is a preferred method of communication, just let your stylist know.

What sort of information should I share with my stylist?

Every Mac & Mia box is personalized for your child. The more information you share with your stylist about your child’s style and preferences, the more direction she will have as she styles your child’s box. Providing a photo of your child is optional, but always helpful. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see our posts of great new products, we’d love to know what you like!

How do I get in touch with my stylist?

Once the signup process is complete, your stylist will reach out to get you started. You can also leave any relevant notes for your stylist when you complete your box request.

How do I request my next box?

You can request a box directly from your Mac & Mia profile, by selecting the Request a Box button or just let your stylist know!

How will my stylist select clothing for me?

Our expert merchandising team goes to great lengths to partner with brands that represent unparalleled quality and cuteness. Your stylist will hand pick 6–9 pieces of clothing and accessories from our vast assortment, specifically for your child. Each item is curated based on your lifestyle AND clothing preferences.

What if I want to work with a specific stylist?

Great—we love referrals! Simply enter that stylist’s unique code when you are signing up with Mac & Mia. If you don’t have it, just ask! You can email if you need assistance.

What if I want to switch stylists?

That’s no problem! We do hope you are happy with who you are working with, but if for whatever reason you want to make a change, you can email and our service team will make the switch.

What if I don't like anything my stylist sends?

We aim for 100% satisfaction, but sometimes we miss the mark. In the event you don’t find anything you love in your box, you can provide feedback on each item and tell us why! You won’t hurt our feelings. Be honest so we can do a better job next time!

Why do I pay a $20 styling fee?

This fee does not go to your stylist, but it does act as a deposit on your box—and gets applied to your purchase of two or more items! Don’t forget, if you keep it all, you get a 15% discount as well.

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