New to Mac & Mia: Soft Gallery

You know we love a good exclusive and we know you love to find unique brands and pieces for your littles to help them stand out in the crowd. Enter Soft Gallery – a collection of children’s clothing whose pieces are quite literally works of art. The fabrics are so incredibly soft, and the designs are unique and handmade much like art you might find on a gallery wall.
Soft Gallery | Celebration Collection | Mac & Mia blog
Soft Gallery Girls Clothes | Celebration Collection, Flamingo | Mac & Mia Blog

We’re thrilled to share we now have two of the four limited edition pieces from the brand’s Celebration Collection. The Celebration Collection was created to celebrate the four artworks that are the first embroideries of the inaugural Soft Gallery collection in 2007. These are handcrafted, intricate and beautiful sweatshirts that are limited edition pieces.


If you’d like Soft Gallery girls clothes as a part of your little’s wardrobe, request a box today and let your stylist know you’re interested in the Soft Gallery Celebration Collection.