Join the Mac & Mia Family

Mac & Mia’s goal is to define tomorrow’s consumer retail experience and evolve it beyond traditional brick & mortar and e-commerce. Our entire organization is driven by the desire to delight our customers at every step and to remove the friction pervasive in other retail models. We are guided by the empathy we have for consumers to create products and services that are intuitive, versatile, and accessible. Help us build the gold-standard in the curated commerce space—and then make it even better.


We are committed to building meaningful and
personal connections with each other and our customers.


We thrive on our experiences with people, and we are
driven by authenticity, fun, and collaboration.


We believe that challenging yourself
and being “uncomfortable” leads to
real learning and development.


Our model represents the future of retail,
and we are setting the pace for innovation
in the curated commerce space.

A Quality Experience
at Every Single Touch Point

From the brands we carry to the hands-on approach of our Stylists, Mac & Mia will always deliver high-quality clothing and customer service. We get our customers because we are our customers.

Why our Stylists Love Working for Mac & Mia

  • A typical day for me is dropping my daughter off in the morning, and then heading to work (I work full time for a marketing company), then we have dinner as a family and after she (my daughter) goes to bed I have my Mac & Mia time which I love and adore.

    Ashley Ennis
  • I love knowing that I am making such a difference for my clients. As moms, our plates are so full and we have so much to get done everyday. My clients are so genuine and appreciative.

    Jackie Smith
  • The stylists are such a supportive, encouraging, and motivating group of women, particularly moms. They are all in the same boat, and it’s been such a wonderful unique experience.

    Jess Knight


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