Kara Buonpane

Kara Buonpane

Stylist & Mom

Tell us about your crew

My husband Anthony and our two young daughters, Phoebe (6) and Nora (3).

How do you take your coffee?

Starbucks Iced coffee, black and unsweetened… all year long.

Where are you from, where do you live now?

I grew up in NH. We now call Needham, MA our home and couldn’t love it more!

Describe your personal style

Classic, comfortable and play-ready.

What inspires you?

Being creative. Being unplugged out in nature with my girls.

Where is your happy place?

Martha’s Vineyard, especially in the fall when things quiet down.

Best style tip for children & parents?

Have an assortment of clothes that you approve of that can easily be mixed and matched. Then let you little one put their outfits together. Don’t forget to add some fun pieces that show off your kiddos personal style.

What's your perfect Saturday?

A hot yoga class followed by coffee and a smoothie and then an afternoon spent outside with my family.

What does "doing it all" look like in your world?

Having a happy family, quality time spent with good friends, finding work that you love to do, carving out a little time for yourself and being able to look past the small things that don’t really matter (dishes in the sink, a messy playroom, your kids ate chicken fingers the last several nights for dinner…)

Why do you love working for Mac & Mia?

Mia? I love styling boxes that both little ones and their parents will enjoy. I love that we are helping families and making connections all over the county. I love working for a company that values parenthood and balance.

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