Kate Falardeau

Kate Falardeau


Tell us about your crew

I don’t have a crew of my own just yet, but I am a very involved aunt of five awesome kids! Three nephews: Dean (13), Max (8), Charlie (5), and two nieces: Addie (8), Cameron (6).

How do you take your coffee?

Definitely with sweet cream!

Where are you from, where do you live now?

I have lived in Chicago for all of my life so far.

Describe your personal style

A combination of classic and feminine looks… but sometimes it just depends on the day!

What inspires you?

My parents, who raised five children in a happy, yet sometimes chaotic household! I am so thankful for all of the memories of the past, and the ones we are still making, thanks to the relationships I now have with my brothers and sister.

Where is your happy place?

Walt Disney World! I get to go every other year with my entire family, and I love getting to experience the magic through my nieces’ and nephews’ eyes.

Best style tip for children & parents?

The beauty of getting a box from Mac & Mia is that we are able to work with the likes of children and parents! Whether it’s the feel of a fabric or ease of dressing their child in a certain piece for a parent, or the incorporation of a child’s favorite color, we can mix and match pieces that will leave everyone happy.

What's your perfect Saturday?

There is nothing like enjoying a summer day in Chicago! Whether it’s hanging out with family and friends or catching a festival or concert, I love being outside when the weather allows it.

What does "doing it all" look like in your world?

Helping make the day a little brighter for people, and feeling like I did the best I could in each of my roles at the end of every day- whether as a stylist, aunt, daughter, sister or friend.

Why do you love working for Mac & Mia?

It’s a privilege to work with so many amazing people, near and far! Of course I mostly love being able to style children, and help make life a little bit easier for busy moms and dads.

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