Kate Vandergroef

Kate Vandergroef

Stylist & Mom

Tell us about your crew

My husband, Cornelius and I have two kids. Rhys is 6 and Carys is 4. Our dog Roscoe rounds out the crew.

How do you take your coffee?

Black and Strong. My favorite is a local brand named Hardboiled. At Starbucks I like a hot or iced Chai.

Where are you from, where do you live now?

I grew up in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. After about 10 years in Colorado, my husband and I got married in the mountains there, and moved “home” a month later. My mom and dad are 2 blocks away! They have weekend custody of the kids 🙂

Describe your personal style

Still working on it, but a typical outfit is jeans, striped tee and a blazer, or black pants and a denim jacket.I add color in scarves, shoes, or bracelets and buy small gold earrings in bulk.

What inspires you?

My kids are inspiring me to be more patient. It’s a real work in progress! You see such little innocence and realize you have to be better for them.

Where is your happy place?

My happy place is on our AMAZING couch with a glass of wine. It’s a Lovesac and I tell everyone about it. It’s the best. (and if I spill the wine it’s so easy to clean!!)

Best style tip for children & parents?

If you don’t want them to wear it, don’t buy it! Any character clothes stay at Grandma’s. 😉

What's your perfect Saturday?

My perfect Saturday would be waking up to a clean house, with laundry done AND PUT AWAY. Hot coffee, a veggie omelet, and a rousing game of Go Fish! I love brunch out with a nice mimosa too!

What does "doing it all" look like in your world?

I don’t feel that pressure. There’s a lot to be done every single day. Moms wear so many hats! Some things just don’t get done, and I can’t let the anxiety of that in. It knocks, but I won’t open that door!

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