Miah Saleh

Miah Saleh

Stylist & Mom

Tell us about your crew

I’m the lucky mama to one cool dude, Lincoln, born November 2016.

How do you take your coffee?

All day! HA! Wait, you mean how do I drink it? With a splash of almond milk.

Where are you from, where do you live now?

Born and raised in Marin County, California and still here! 20 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Describe your personal style

Neutral — Black. Grey. White. Trendy. Comfy.

What inspires you?

My son and my fiancé. Totally cliché, but they inspires me to want to do better every single day!

Where is your happy place?

Sitting outside, music on, watching my little guy run and play.

Best style tip for children & parents?

I have a 5 year old sister who is the most strong willed little person you’ll ever meet. I pair up all her outfits on hangers on laundry day for her. When it comes time to get dressed she thinks she has full control by picking an outfit and we know she will still look stylish!

What's your perfect Saturday?

Sleeping in a bit with my boys, breakfast & coffee followed by a dance party and some more coffee. Off to do something fun – zoo, park, aquarium, etc. Nap time, more coffee and then dinner with friends followed by a movie on the couch snuggled up to my brit, Ross.

What does "doing it all" look like in your world?

Family is clean, fed, and happy, house is picked up, inbox is at zero and box requests have been packed!

Why do you love working for Mac & Mia?

The culture here is incredible. Even being a remote stylist, you never feel like you are missing out on a thing. Mac & Mia is like my family away from family! I love what I do and I love that I get to be home with my little guy while I do it!

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