Molly Knorr

Molly Knorr

Stylist & Mom

Tell us about your crew

Georgia (3), and Bodie (1).

How do you take your coffee?

I’m horribly addicted to sugar and as basic as they come – I do pumpkin coffee with cream from the moment it comes out to the second it’s out of stock.

Where are you from, where do you live now?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Describe your personal style

Effortless, comfortable, edgy-meets-romantic.

What inspires you?

My children! Each day they push me to better myself and share positive vibes.

Where is your happy place?

Charleston, South Carolina. We make a point to try to get there and try all of the new restaurants once a year. We would love to live there, but nearly all of our family is in Pittsburgh! Great option for a vacation home someday!

Best style tip for children & parents?

Meet in the middle. If they don’t like to wear collars, try a collared shirt in their favorite color! Not crazy about dresses? Try a dress with pockets (everyone loves dresses with pockets!) that matches their favorite leggings.

What's your perfect Saturday?

An awesome smoothie with my favorite Hush Up + Hustle blender bombs, a long run with my husband or a Pure Barre class, college football or a Drybar blowout during naptime, and meeting friends at a kid-friendly brewery for dinner & beer!

What does "doing it all" look like in your world?

When your day comes together perfectly. The kids are happy, the laundry is done (even folded!), my amazing Mac & Mia clients are excited about their boxes, and dinner is ready (thankful for our Instant Pot!). Basically any time I can kick my feet up after the kids go to bed with a glass of wine and re-watch The Office!

Why do you love working for Mac & Mia?

I love having the opportunity to play a role in my clients’ lives: it’s saving a busy mom a trip to the mall, helping a little man find his new favorite brand, or helping a dad dress his daughter in her favorite ultra-girly pieces. The people are great, the clients grateful, and being a part of a start-up exhilarating!

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