Wear Now, Wear Later

If you’re looking for ideas on how to get more wear out of your little’s favorite items or outfits, we’re always happy to help. Styling your kiddos is one of our favorite things to do, and we’ve got a team of personal stylists always up for the challenge, too.

So, we picked two items—one for boy, one for girl—and built an outfit for wearing now in these transitioning from summer to fall months, and wearing later when we’re certain the winter temps are here to stay.

Girls: Burst of Blossom Legging By Hatley

Hatley Burst of Blossom legging styled for now

Wear Now

We paired these printed pink floral print leggings with the Long Sleeve V-Neck Ruffle Hem by LA Made for a cool, crisp fall day.

Wear Later

We added a Blu + Blue Denim Jacket with Lining and the Le Big Gioya Scarf for a cozy, cool kid look.

Mac & Mia Hatley Burst of Blossom Legging

Boys: Long Sleeved Checked Shirt By Mayoral

Mac & Mia | Wear Now - Mayoral Checked Shirt Boys

Wear Now

He’ll be so cute in this soft button down with a pair of linen shorts by Hoonana for warmer temps, and the Cozy Zip Up Hoodie by Bitz Kids for a warm layer for breezy days.

Wear Later

For colder winter days, we swapped the hoodie for a Shawl Collar Knitted Cardigan by Bitz Kids and the linen shorts for Hoonana’s Corduroy Pants.

Mac & Mia | Wear Later: Mayoral Checkered Shirt for Boys