What Would You Do With Extra Time?

We know what customers love about Mac & Mia: the personalized service that our stylist team provides, the adorable clothes that make your little ones look and feel great, and of course, the convenience and time that using our service offers our customers!

What can you do with the time you save with Mac & Mia? So much. Here’s what a few of our favorite customers say.

Enjoy Your Family

Our founder, Marie Tillman, created Mac & Mia because she wanted to spend more time with her family, instead of shopping for them. And using Mac & Mia can do just that!

“Instead of having to spend a Saturday out shopping, we’re able to take our son to music class and a family brunch,” said Heather C. “Plus, I can focus on work and other family things and relax at night instead of having to scour the Internet for stylish, unique clothes for my son.”

Get Stuff Done

On Facebook, customer Carmen G. loves how Mac & Mia lets her focus on everything she’s balancing without worry about shopping for her two children. “I have children, work and am currently attending grad school,” she said. “The nearest mall is 30 miles away!”

Claire, a mother of 2 boys, also appreciates how Mac & Mia frees up her time. “I’m a full-time freelancer, so my schedule is unpredictable. Not having to worry about shopping for my sons lets me have more time to focus on my clients.

Treat Yo Self

It’s nice to have extra time for family fun or work obligations, but you can’t forget about yourself.

“I have to fit shopping in on my way home from work, and instead of hitting a store during busy times and worrying about finding clothes my little girl loves, I can get a manicure or meet a friend for coffee,” said Jessica, who has a 5-year-old daughter. “I love that I get a little me-time when I order a box every month.”

We’d love to hear what you do with the time you save using Mac & Mia! Post a photo of your kids on Instagram, let us know what you do instead and use the hashtag #macmiastyle!